Nicola Café Restaurant

A popular spot among writers, artists and politicians, Café Nicola is an establishment not to be missed in central Lisbon. Founded in 1787 by Italian Nicola Breteiro, the Nicola was given its permanent name in 1929, when it started operating out of its current building in Rossio.

Concha d'Ouro Seafood Restaurant

Chef’s special cod, lobster Thermidor and Concha d’Ouro-style steak are some of the specialities served at this brewery and seafood restaurant on Rua Augusta. A large establishment serving seafood and Portuguese cuisine in a pleasant outdoor eating area with a view of the majestic Rua Augusta Arch. At night, live Fado makes a meal here even more memorable.

Casa Brasileira Café and Patisserie

Located in the heart of central Lisbon, Casa Brasileira continues to surprise tourists and residents with its traditional confectionery and pastries. Pastéis de nata, queijadas, travesseiros, delícias and folares are only a few of the specialties made in what is one of Lisbon’s oldest patisseries.

Lvso Central Italian

Founded in 1916, Luso-Central began as a creamery frequented by Lisbon’s intellectual elite, eventually turning into a snack bar. Luso-Central gained a new lease of life in 2014 when tradition was combined with contemporary requirements.